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October 2016

I currently working for Story Contracting Project managing the Workington Transport Hub and the reconstruction of Hallbeck Bridge near Killington both in Cumbria.


March 2015

I am currently working on a number of flood recovery schemes for Cumbria County Council.  Most notable are the installation of a temporary Bailey bridge to replace the masonry bridge washed away at Pooley Bridge and carriagway reinstatement following a landslide near Portinscale,  


January 2015

The last two years have proved very busy initially supporting Story Contracting through a period of rapid growth and helping secure a number of Network Rail CP5 framework contracts during spring 2014.  In early 2015 I was responsible for the successful delivery of the £6m Reconstruction of Scarborough Bridge over the River Ouse in the historic city of York.


December 2012

 I have sucessfully established an Institution of Civil Engineers Training Scheme for Story contracting Ltd acting as their Supervising Civil Engineer (SCE).



27 November 2012

Hogrefe Leadership Judgement Indicator judged John in top 1% of managers nationally for level of ‘wisdom’ in decision making.


Composed from 16 different decision-making scenarios the test requires the respondent to rate the appropriateness of various courses of action in responding to each challenge. The scenarios have been crafted from the principles underlying leadership theory and there is a single best fit way to react to each scenario.

The most effective response is always that which achieves the desired business result whilst ensuring the continued motivation and loyalty of the team. All other response categories have various degrees of closeness of fit to the most effective response and are scored accordingly.


The Uniqueness of the LJI is that the respondent is being asked to actually demonstrate their level of leadership wisdom through the questionnaire. The responses are scored for correctness in terms of achieving desirable business outcomes in specific situations.


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